Blogging on the go – Tsuru Review

Today I took the opportunity of having a meeting in London Bridge to go and taste a sandwich I had heard lots about: Tsuru’s chicken katsu sandwich. And I can tell you it definitely lives up to its reputation! Despite looking rather simple with its sliced white bread it is its simplicity that makes it better. Fluffy white bread, crispy but moist breaded chicken breast and a really delicious mayo/slaw which was slightly sour, contrasting perfectly with the chicken and the white bread.

I thought the sandwich might be too small, so I ordered a miso soup too which was good but nothing extraordinary either.

The sushi looked great so I might try than next time I go there (although it might be pretty hard to resist the katsu sandwich!).
In total my lunch cost me £5.75 (this would be around £1 cheaper if I had had it to take away) for the sandwich and a small miso soup which is exceptionally good value for the quantity and quality of food. All in all a great place for a quick lunch in the area which is a great alternative to the pret’s and costa’s of the area.

This is also a test on blogging through my phone (sorry for the low quality pictures!).



Tsuro Bankside (there are two others) – 4 Canvey Street, SE1 9AN

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