Review – The Bluebird Restaurant

Today I will be reviewing the very posh completely-out-of-a-student-budget-your-parents-are-in-town Bluebird Restaurant I went to when J’s parents were in London a few weeks ago. The Bluebird Restaurant is a posh Chelsea establishment on  Kings Road and call itself, “the place to see and be seen in Chelsea”. Although there is a lot of that attitude among the people dining there, the restaurant itself, the staff as well as the food are pretty unpretentious.

We started with the complimentary basket of bread, which was ok, but nothing special either, and a bottle of Malbec, recommended by the in-house sommelier, which was perfectly full-bodied. We moved on to starters with potted shrimp and crab for me, and salt cod scotch egg for everyone else. I guess I should have stayed true to my roots because the potted shrimp and crab was supbar, a bit tough instead of creamy and lacking enough bread, while the other started seemed to be widely appreciated by everyone else.

My main of roasted duck was much better, served with apples and red cabbage in a port jus, if a tiny bit too sweet.

J’s mum had the fish and chips as she had never tried one before. She did like it, but mentioned the batter tasted a bit too much of oil.

J and his dad thad these impressive sirloin steaks, which I can guarantee were amazing! Tender, perfectly charred and accompanied by perfectly cooked chips.

We ended the meal with a dark chocolate fondant which was perfectly oozy with chocolate and coffee. The meal ended on a bitter note when by double espresso turned out to be an espresso with a bit of water which did not taste like much.

All in all this is a good place for a nice, relaxed, more expensive lunch. But maybe stick to that amazing steak.

Rating: 7/10.

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