Breakfast fetishism pt. 1: Dippy eggs with marmite soldiers

Soft-boiled eggs with marmite soldiers is one of the top 5 things Britain has given the world (yes, I’m deadly serious), and I eat it every single morning. It is simply amazing. The saltyness of the marmite spread thinly on the toast and then dipped into a hot, gooey egg is a perfectly simple yet moorish flavour for a sleepy morning palette. It is also a filling and reasonably healthy breakfast which keeps you full for a long time.

People often say they don’t eat breakfast which is understandable with the stressful mornings many have. Gulping down a few eggs and a smoothie is often more than a rudely awoken weekday-stomach can hold. However, on a Sunday you can afford to lie in bed for ages, catch-up on telly and reading and then make a glorious breakfast! Like soft boiled eggs with marmite soldiers!

You need:

  • 2 soft-boiled eggs
  • 2 slices of white toast 
  • Butter
  • Marmite
  • Kalles Kaviar (optional – I make things a bit crazy by adding Swedish smoked fish roe (Kalles Kaviar) at the beginning and end together with the harder bits of boiled egg, but this is a habit only my countrymen seem to understand. And they are freaked out by marmite.)

Soft boil the eggs by dropping them into boiling water and cook for for 5 minutes (if they are medium size and have been sitting outside the fridge – if they’ve been in the fridge give them 7 minutes, if they are small slightly less). In the meantime, make your toast, butter them and spread marmite very thinly all over (this is a bit of an art, as too much tastes horrible). Make your soldiers by cutting each slice toast into thin strips (I find this is easiest to do by turning the marmite-sides towards each other and then slicing it all together). Take the eggs off the heat, run under cold water for a little bit and then put in eggs cups (or shot glasses if you lack the former). Crack open your eggs, dip the soldiers and indulge!

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What is your favourite breakfast? If you tips us off about something that sounds delicious we might well end up doing it, so we are more than grateful for suggestions.

8 Comments on “Breakfast fetishism pt. 1: Dippy eggs with marmite soldiers”

  1. Rosarinhp says:

    Que bueeeeno!!! Ve la se fazes estes kits quando eu for a Paris!

  2. Isabel says:

    Haha tabem, se imaginasses o que é marmite dizias logo que nao!

  3. […] these constantly. So I make soft-boiled eggs instead). You want the eggs a little harder than soldier-soft, so give them 6 minutes. When the onions are browning, add some maple sirup or balsamic vinegar. […]

  4. tdg says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been alive for 28 years and never thought of putting marmite with boiled eggs. I love the food on this blog.

    tdg x
    London Dating Ideas

    • Ingrid says:

      Thank you! I cannot say enough golden things about eggs + marmite soldiers. But I’ve found a recent addition that makes it even more amazing, and that is fresh chives cut on top.

  5. […] things are great. My love of breakfast has found yet another friend in ramekins – small glass cups that you can make a miniature of […]

  6. Anette Lindqvist says:

    Are you from Sweden Ingrid?
    Nice to see that you like Kalles Kaviar not so common that people like that abroad
    I have served Kalles in USA it comes some mm mm mm ok But no one really like it
    can you please tell me what marmite soldiers is??? Is it like rye bread Knäckebröd

    • Ingrid says:

      Hej Anette!

      I’m Swedish indeed. I lived in London before but now I’m in Brussels and blog from my new address

      I love Kalles kaviar, but it’s difficult to get non-Swedes to eat it. Marmite soldiers is just normal toasted white bread (the very white, English kind, preferably) which you spread butter and a thin layer of marmite on, and then dip into a soft-boiled egg. It’s really delicious.


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