Review – Amore

EDIT: Amore no longer exists and has been replaced by what looks like a Mexican restaurant (but as of 21/08/2012 that hasn’t opened either).

Amore is a newly-opened Italian restaurant in Dalston with puzzlingly few customers as they serve delicious and good value rustic Italian dishes. (Although, rumour of their dishes may have spread as I spied it almost full yesterday). As the name implies, and the website clearly states, the theme here is romantic – Eros Ramazotti in the speakers, roses on each table, candles lit, dark place. In fact the romance is so exaggerated it must be a little tongue in cheek.

Once seated, you get a bowl of black marinated olives (probably a home-made mix between black kalamata with kernels, and cheap stoned ones, but they had been marinated together and were very juicy), olive oil and different kinds of bread. This is all free which is nice, especially as the place is student-friendly priced already. Fran ordered the Linguine Mare  for £8,95 with king prawn, white wine and cherry tomato. It was velvety and creamy, yet not too heavy. It also tasted of salt and sea, and you got the impression it was made with proper fish stock. The king prawns came in their shell which I thought looked nice, but Fran said they were a pain to eat. Tasted good, though.

I ordered the slow-cooked lamb ragu with Rosemary (£8.95), which was rich, herby and food-coma inducing. It was presented in a very pretty way, and the lamb was tender, falling apart under my fork. The waiter also made sure to give me lots of grated parmesan and milled pepper. According to my tastebuds it was not salty enough, but still delicious.

The service is attentive and friendly, and the food was prompt. Service was charged automatically, but they rushed out giving us the money back as we were leaving, saying it had been a mistake. The waiters seem very keen to please customers and hopefully it will remain a pretty feature in Dalston’s rapidly changing shops and restaurants. Amore has lots of potential to be really nice, but so far it seems to be an unexplored little gem.

7 meatballs out of 10.

Amore, 127 Kingsland high street (Spot it by the little car split in half which is their sign).

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  1. Frances says:

    Glad to see my photography skills made it….

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