Some love for the greengrocer – Stoke Newington Green

Pardon the following entry, I’m not endorsed by anyone in writing this but I feel so very strongly about this family-run business on Church Street and think more people should go. Think of it as a restaurant review, but for a shop. I would start by saying that Stoke Newington Green is the best greengrocer I’ve ever been to, but giving it some consideration I think it’s the best food shop I have ever come across. Perhaps the best shop full stop. (If it was a restaurant, it would receive 9 meatballs out of 10). Normally specialist shops like boutique bakeries or traditional butchers are beautiful but incredibly expensive, and exist primarly due to the proximity of wealthy yummy mummies (which, admittedly, is true for Stoke Newington). But Stoke Newington Green does three things which put it above those kinds of shops (or your local vegetable market for that matter).

1) It is cheap. Really, really cheap.

2) It is open from 7-11 every day, so most normal working people can pop by after work or on the morning jog.

3) They accept cards.

This would not be that amazing had it not for been for the fact that they stock local, seasonal produce as well as exotic spices and vegetables I’ve never heard of. Their fresh herb section involve English herbs I didn’t know existed. They have five different kinds of garlic, including incredibly aromatic fresh variants. They stock at least six different colours of courgettes and aubergines. All is beautifully stacked up inside the bamboo-walled shop and clear, handwritten signs display price (both kg and lb and sometimes per item), origin and other important details.

I just arrived home from the shop with two carrots, two onions, a celery, six mini-courgettes, one fresh garlic and two large bunches of spinach. It all came to 3,49. I wish these kinds of green grocers existed all over London. I’d eat much more vegetables, and I’d learn all about the new produce I find in the shop every day. It would be like 5-a-day heaven.

Stoke Newington Green, 39 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0LU.

Update: Newington Green Fruit and Vegetables (109 Newington green road, Islington, N1 4QY) is their sister-shop – I have now been and seen and smelled amazing things. This shop is slightly bigger and busier and just as amazing with all the things mentioned above.

Both shops can be found on the map here and here.

6 Comments on “Some love for the greengrocer – Stoke Newington Green”

  1. Juan Leal says:

    Love this shop!!

    • Ingrid says:

      Yes, if only they existed in more places! I’m soon moving away from Stoke Newington but think I’ll make little weekend trips back here every now and then just to experience that wall of coriander aroma as you step through the door…

  2. unhappy customer says:

    I am happy that people in church street find it ok. I have a business on church street and want to use all local suppliers to cater for my business needs. When this fresh fruit and veg shop opened I asked for a trade price list which I received but a few weeks later when I put in an order for over £350.00 hardly any of the agreed prices were honoured. Its a shame they are not people of their word

    • Ingrid says:

      Suppose even the sun has its spots (as we say in Sweden). I haven’t done any bulk deals with them so don’t know what they are like for that, but as an individual customer I find their prices very reasonable.

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  4. […] Stoke Newington Green, grocers on Church St, Stoke Newington. THIS is where I buy my veggies, and where I first met medjool dates. Mmmmm. I could write a whole other blog post about how amazing this place is, but thankfully someone else has already done it. […]

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