The Meatball and Salted Cod Map

Exploring London this weekend? Have a look at the Meatball and Salted Cod map of cheap cafés, restaurant reviews, food markets and other gems. The places we have reviewed are sorted by meatball score in the left hand side, and clicking on them on the map will give you a short description and link to the review.

The other pins may have been mentioned in blog posts (like markets or shops), or are simply places we love but have not had a chance to write about yet. From now on, you’ll find the map in the sidebar to the blog, where we pin our newest reviews and finds! (however it sits a bit awkwardly in such a small sidebar so for now you might want to click “view larger map” to find it useful…)

The Meatball and Salted Cod’s Mini-guide to London’s Food Markets

In preparation for the weekend and hopefully some sunny weather, we’ve decided to give you a mini-guide of some of our favourite markets in London. In procrastination-overdrive we even made a map with details on where they can be found.

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Friday Cheap Eats!

It’s Friday, you’ve worked all week (or if, like us, you’re a student, you’ve spent your days in the library) and all you want now is to relax, see your friends, (probably get drunk) and not think about cooking at all. This feature is for you! Here I suggest a list of some of my favourite places to go out for a meal without spending a ton of money.

  • Chinatown: you will find a LOT of cheap places to eat around this area, but be careful, some of them are horrible! Look out for recent Time Out stickers (no one cares they won best cheap eat in 1992!) I recommend Leong’s Legends, for the amazing xiao long bao dumplings and noodles with beef and Sa-Cha sauce. Also on my to-go list is Baozi Inn, which focuses on chinese buns and Sichuan food (get ready for some very spicy dishes!).
  • Meat Liquor: this place deserves a post of its own, but until I go there again, here goes the suggestion. This place does exactly what it says meat and liquor in the form of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and other american delicacies and really well made cocktails. All of this is served very unpretentiously in metal trays and no cutlery. It’s dark, it’s loud, you might have to queue outside for an hour, but the food is amazing! Make sure you have the deep fried pickles.
  • Pitt Cue co.: Pitt Cue co. used to be a food truck standing under a bridge near the Southbank centre, serving amazing pulled pork, baby back ribs and the best coleslaw I have ever tried. Now, they have come back in the form of a very small restaurant, serving the same food, with space for a few extras. This should be top of your to-go list this weekend!
  • Drunken Monkey: the Drunken Monkey is famous for its friday night happy hour. Now add cheap dim sum and you have the perfect start to a night out miss meatball’s side of town.

In most of these places, you will not spend more than £15 each, with drinks.

Leong’s Legends: 3 Macclesfield Street.

Baozi Inn: Address : 25 Newport Court.

Meat Liquor: 74 Welbeck Street (behind Debenhams on Oxford Street).

Pitt Cue co.: 1, Newburgh Street.

Drunken Monkey: 222 Shoreditch High Street.