Review – Pitt Cue Co. Part I

You might have noticed my love for Pitt Cue and pulled pork on previous posts. Sadly, until now I had not had the chance to try the new Pitt Cue Co. venue. But, on St Patrick’s day, in preparation for a whole day of drinking, me and Mr. Salted Cod got ourselves to Pitt Cue in Soho.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside (those curtains remind me of old ladies’ houses in Portugal…) but inside there is a mob trying to get a hold of that mighty pulled pork. There are no reservations and the waiting list is gigantic but, good news, they do takeaway pulled pork and pulled brisket buns. As I was coming for the pulled pork anyway, and for once it was sunny outside, I didn’t mind.

The takeaway bun is priced at £6.50, which might be a bit pricey but OH MY GOD IT WAS SO WORTH IT! The pork melted in your mouth and was just the right amount of smoky, the pickles were perfectly sour and the brioche bun held everything in place. The bun seems quite small but is actually the perfect size for a quick lunch. It went very quickly though and I am really sad that I didn’t get to try anything else. Don’t worry I will be back VERY SOON to review the rest – I’m still dreaming of that pulled pork…

Rating: 8/10 (pretty high for a takeaway I must say…).

Address: 1 Newburgh Street, Soho


Coke and BBQ Pulled Pork

Now…if you’re a londoner  you probably tried Pitt Cue. when it was under Hungerford bridge. It has now gone to a (thankfully) permanent venue in Soho. Now…if you’re like me…you crave that/any pulled pork so badly that you need to make it at home. While I’m not claiming to present you with a recipe as good as Pitt Cue.’s, here’s recipe for pulled pork. Plus it’s made with Coke and BBQ sauce, which adds a bit of quirkiness to your daily cooking routine.

This is a very simple recipe ingredients-wise. You will need:

  • Pork Shoulder (I count around 250 grams per person)
  • BBQ Sauce (half a bottle for 4 people, more if you prefer it smokier).
  • Coke (not diet! we’re going for a full fat meal here!)
  • Mustard (2-3 teaspoons for 4 people).
  • A bit of tabasco or cayenne pepper if you like it spicy.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Ovenproof cast iron pan/le creuset type of pan.

All you need to do is put all the ingredients in the pan and cook for five hours in a low oven (100-150 degrees). I know that five hours seems like a lot of effort but you really don’t need to touch the pan while the pork is cooking.

Take the pan out after the five hours, wait for the pork to cool down, shred it (removing all bones and non-melted grease) and enjoy one of the best pieces of pork you’ll ever have at home!  Serve it on buns with some coleslaw, over mash, with black beans on quesadillas, on its own straight from the pan… you’ll quickly find ways to eat that amazing meat! (This works great for a lunchbox too!).

This is also a really cheap recipe as pork shoulder is a really cheap cut and well… you probably have most of the ingredients already at home. If you’re feeling fancy you can do this with ribs instead of shoulder, for an extra amazing pulled pork.