Review – Burger & lobster

To me, lobster always sounded like lots of fuss for little, and expensive, food. I have no problems with seafood that makes you work for your nibbles: anyone who’s attended a Swedish crayfish party knows the joy of devouring small red sea creatures for a small fingers’ worth of white meat. But since crayfish is cheap and lobster isn’t, I out of hand dismissed lobster. Now I must change that tune, having celebrated the end of university (forever!) together with Miss Salted Cod and some friends at Soho’s newly opened Burger & Lobster. Because it was ridiculously nice. And while it wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t really expensive either.

We arrived to our reserved table for four in the afternoon and the queues and stress I’d been warned about were nowhere to be found. After ordering in a round of Asahi we were offered to choose between a lobster, a lobster roll, or a burger. All would be 20 pounds each. The waitress also suggested a fourth option which we ended up going for: sharing a ten pound lobster between us, with unlimited fries and salad. She even brought him out on a tray whilst he was still alive, saying she’d named him Brett.

As Brett was steamed and grilled off to perfection (we were told he died by a swift cut through the head) we were kitted out with bibs, little lobster-tools and more Asahi. Once cooked and prepared for us, Brett was so large he had to come in on two different trays. He arrived together with bowls of shoestring fries, salad and garlic and parsley butter sauce. The sauce was simply divine dripped onto tender lobster meat, and as we fought away over the best claw meat we almost forgot about the fries and salad, although these were also very nice. A few more rounds of Asahi and lobster picking was loads of fun, and it turns out eating a massive lobster is a nice group activity if nothing else. As we started using Brett’s claws as gloves (see Kristine’s hand above) we decided it was time to move on to a boozier establishment. But as for the quality of the lobster, the price and the overall experience, burger and lobster get a unanimous nine meatballs out of ten from both me and Miss Salted cod.

Review – Pitt Cue Co. Part I

You might have noticed my love for Pitt Cue and pulled pork on previous posts. Sadly, until now I had not had the chance to try the new Pitt Cue Co. venue. But, on St Patrick’s day, in preparation for a whole day of drinking, me and Mr. Salted Cod got ourselves to Pitt Cue in Soho.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside (those curtains remind me of old ladies’ houses in Portugal…) but inside there is a mob trying to get a hold of that mighty pulled pork. There are no reservations and the waiting list is gigantic but, good news, they do takeaway pulled pork and pulled brisket buns. As I was coming for the pulled pork anyway, and for once it was sunny outside, I didn’t mind.

The takeaway bun is priced at £6.50, which might be a bit pricey but OH MY GOD IT WAS SO WORTH IT! The pork melted in your mouth and was just the right amount of smoky, the pickles were perfectly sour and the brioche bun held everything in place. The bun seems quite small but is actually the perfect size for a quick lunch. It went very quickly though and I am really sad that I didn’t get to try anything else. Don’t worry I will be back VERY SOON to review the rest – I’m still dreaming of that pulled pork…

Rating: 8/10 (pretty high for a takeaway I must say…).

Address: 1 Newburgh Street, Soho